A Recycling Machine That Saves Time And Money

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A Recycling Machine That Saves Time And Money

7 October 2020
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Hot mix asphalt is one of the most expensive materials on the market that contractors rely upon to complete commercial and residential paving projects. If you go through the tedious process of removing old asphalt, taking measurements of a parking lot or a driveway, and ordering hot mix asphalt form a local plant, you may be concerned about the amount of time and money wasted.

Using A Recycling Machine Can Be Beneficial

A damaged asphalt surface can be patched or replaced with fresh products, but the wait time associated with the transport of hot mix asphalt from the asphalt plant to your worksite may interfere with your ability to complete a project by the date that you have relayed to your customer. This hindrance is in addition to the amount that you are charged for the fresh mix, making it imperative to be concise when placing each order.

Patch can be used as an alternative to fresh mix, but this material is often used in small quantities, and since the material is cold when it is used to patch damaged asphalt, the drying time tends to be much longer than that of fresh mix. An asphalt recycling machine gives the end user the ability to remove existing asphalt and rejuvenate it.

An additive that contains elastic properties is placed inside of a machine's drum and will bond with the recycled material, providing the dispensed product with extra strength and resilience. Large quantities of old asphalt can be fed through a machine and recycled within minutes. 

A Machine Can Be Rented Or Purchased

If you are wary about the results that you will attain by using a recycling machine or if you are skeptical about its ability to quickly produce a useable product, rent a machine for a couple weeks to test out this new way of completing paving projects. Machines contain drums of various sizes, allowing you to pick a rental that will keep up with your workload.

Tabulate how much time you save during each job and the amount of money that you do not have to pay upfront to acquire the materials that you previously used to order from a plant. If savings are evident and your clients are satisfied with your paving efforts, you may decide to invest in some equipment that is comparable to the rental unit. With the more streamlined approach that is being used to complete jobs, you might be able to increase your workload.