Concrete Yards For Kids

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Concrete Yards For Kids

5 May 2020
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When you have very young kids, you may love having a grass yard. You can let them play in the grass while they are unsteady on their feet and not worry that they will crack their head if they lose their balance and fall. However, once your kids get older, the grass will lose its appeal to them, and they will likely start to look for areas around the house with firmer ground. You might find it better for the kids if you transform the yard into a concrete one. Here are some of the things your kids can do in a concrete yard:

Play with their sidewalk chalk

Your kids can stay busy for days creating designs all over the concrete yard. Once they fill the large space up, they can rinse the chalk off and start all over again. Sidewalk chalk is very inexpensive, and most kids really like it, so it is a cheap way to keep your kids happy while helping to nurture their creativity.

Learn to ride their bikes and roller skate

If you turn your yard into a concrete one, then you will have a safe space to teach your kids how to ride their bikes and where they can learn to roller skate. Even if you live on a cul-de-sac or a slow residential street, it can still be nerve wracking to try to teach them to do these things on the street while you make sure no cars are coming.

Play games that need a hard surface

There are a lot of outside games that require a hard surface, and when the yard is cement, it offers just what they need. A couple of examples of the types of games that need this type of surface would be hopscotch and jacks.

Get a basketball hoop

Once you have a concrete yard, you may as well follow through with getting a basketball hoop. The cement yard will offer the perfect place for kids to shoot hoops. You may even find that you have many of the neighborhood kids asking to play in your yard, which can help your children meet more children in the neighborhood that they can play with.


Now that you know just how much fun a concrete yard can be for your kids as they grow out of that toddler stage, you may want to get started on the process of getting set up. Contact a concrete contractor to learn more.