Strategize How Your Hotel Parking Lot Paving Job Will Be Executed

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Strategize How Your Hotel Parking Lot Paving Job Will Be Executed

19 February 2020
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If you own a hotel that consists of several residential buildings and adjacent parking lots, you may be dreading the task of having the lots repaved and sealed. If you think that your business is going to be affected during the upgrade or are concerned about annoying your hotel guests with alternate parking plans, avoid these negative outcomes by carefully planning the asphalt paving and sealing project. Once you have a set idea of how you want the job performed, contact a paving contractor to discuss the project.

Situate Your Guests Accordingly

You may have the opportunity to ward off any disruptions that will affect your guests' stays. If you tend to go through a slow season and this will coincide with the time of the year that the paving project will take place, assign your guests rooms that are within the same building. This will allow a paving crew to tackle the other lots without being disrupted or needing to worry about anyone potentially trying to drive across the fresh asphalt.

The repaving job can be completed in stages. The empty lots that won't be accessed can be completed first, and then after your guests have checked out, you can open the newly paved lots and place the unpaved one out of bounds. This will allow you to steadily make reservations for your guests during the upgrade.

Allow Access To Other Areas

If you are going to be trying to complete the repaving job within a specific timeframe and your hotel will be booked during the time that the project is underway, you are going to need to make some parking adjustments. If you have a large lot along the front of your property or if there is a grassy section that borders the hotel buildings, allow your guests to temporarily use these spaces while the project is ongoing.

It may be a little annoying to walk a long distance from a vehicle to a hotel room, and if any of your guests complain about the inconvenience, perhaps you can offer them a small discount on their room or a complimentary coupon for a free meal in the hotel's restaurant. Make sure to let all of your guests know about the paving project before they arrive to stay at the hotel. In addition, use signage, cones, and rope barriers to block off areas that contain fresh asphalt that you do not want anyone to walk or drive upon. 

For more information and ideas, work with local asphalt paving services when planning your project.