Why Asphalt Parking Lots Are Better

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Why Asphalt Parking Lots Are Better

21 January 2020
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If you are going back and forth with a decision regarding whether you want concrete or asphalt used for your parking lot, you'll need to compare them against one another to determine what's going to be the best one for you to choose for your business parking lot. However, many find that asphalt works out the best for their parking lots. Here are some of the reasons why asphalt may be better than concrete for your parking lot.

Asphalt is easy to install – Concrete is more challenging to have installed. Not only does it take a while to have it finished, but then everything needs to go well while the concrete slowly cures. If a dog walks through it, a kid runs on it, or anything else like this happens, then the concrete will either forever have the prints in it, or the concrete will have to be smoothed out again which can be a bigger deal that you may realize. With asphalt, it is installed faster, and it isn't as touchy if little things like the ones above happen. This means your parking lot can be used again sooner.

Asphalt is better for freezing temperatures – Concrete can't handle freezing temperatures well. If can be negatively affected by prolonged periods of ice and the salt can deteriorate it. However, asphalt does fine in these conditions and the salt won't negatively affect it. While even asphalt can end up with areas of ice, this is much more likely to happen on concrete due to the porousness of the asphalt. Asphalt also holds in heat longer, so it will continue to melt the snow for a longer period of time before it ends up with ice on it.

Asphalt is more affordable – You will want to have a great looking and functional parking lot that welcomes your employees and your customers with a nice liking area to park and a safe walking surface. However, you also need to go over the costs of each. Great news is that asphalt is also more affordable than concrete is. Also, concrete can easily end up needing repairs because it doesn't have any give to it. Asphalt does allow for some give and this means extreme temperatures and even something like an earthquake will likely damage the concrete more than the asphalt. When it does come to needing repairs, the asphalt will be cheaper to have repaired as well.