Don't Let Your Parking Lot Scare Away Your Customers

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Don't Let Your Parking Lot Scare Away Your Customers

10 January 2020
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You have likely put a lot of care and attention into your storefront in an attempt to make it as appealing as possible to potential customers. You want to offer your customers a great-looking storefront you know they will likely be attracted to and leave a good impression on those who pass by, in hopes of someday bringing them in as future customers. What you may not realize is all of the hard work that you have put into the front of your space may be in vain if you allow the condition of your parking lot to chase away customers. You may not think that a parking lot can have such a negative effect on people that it would actually cause them to take their business elsewhere, but it does often happen, and you don't want it to happen to you. Here are some things to look for that can indicate your parking lot may scare customers off.

Are parking spots clear?

Take a look at the parking lot with fresh eyes and see if the parking spaces are clearly marked. If they aren't, then this can be a big turnoff for many customers, especially ones who truly care about their vehicles, which most do. They will worry that their car will get dinged by someone's door when they park too close to their car because the driver can't tell where each parking spot ends.

Is the parking lot full of cracks or potholes?

If your parking lot is full of damages like cracks and potholes, then this can scare off customers for a number of reasons. One reason customers won't like this is that it makes it look like you don't take pride in the appearance of your business, so they will automatically lose faith in your ability to offer them good service. Also, they won't like the fact that they have to drive their car on such a bumpy parking lot where they will likely hit a few potholes on their way to and from a parking spot. They may also not like the idea that they are then going to need to walk across that mess to get to your shop.

Is the parking lot old?

Your parking lot may be in fine shape but just look old. Many times, just this fact can be enough to cause someone to drive right by your business. Again, they will get the sense you aren't into caring for your business. They may also think the parking lot is in bad shape just from the old look it has without giving it enough attention to actually see it isn't truly damaged.


If you have issues with your parking lot, instead of risking the loss of customers, you should go ahead and have it repaved so that you can offer your customers a safe and welcoming place to park. To learn more, contact your local commercial asphalt paving contractor